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The Fabian Garcia Science Center houses NMSU's algal biofuel production facility, which includes a 4000-liter Solix BioSystems photobioreactor and four smaller algae raceways.

Research at NMU

Two Geological Sciences students making x-ray fluorescence glass beads where rock powders are melted at 2000*C in preparation for major element analyses at NMSU.

Twelfth Annual URC Research and Creative Activities Fair

(October 5, 2012)  NMSU's 2012 University Research Council (URC) Fair was held on October 5 in conjunction with the New Mexico Alliance for Minority Participation (New Mexico AMP)'s annual statewide student research conference.  The URC fair showcased 38 outstanding research projects in various areas including agriculture, alternative energy, astronomy, biology, border issues, health, and water.  After reviewing the project posters and evaluating them for scientific merit, content, organization and the presenters, the URC fair judges (Kathleen Huttlinger and Wanda Borges, School of Nursing; Susan Beck, NMSU Library; and Pierre Orelus, College of Education) selected the six posters below as the winners of this year's fair. 

  • First place:  The HYPER Project: Harvesting Hydropower from Low-head Waterways
    Dr. Nadipuram Prasad (below left)
  • Second place:  Examination of Race Structure for Verticillium Dahlia Isolates Affecting Chile Pepper Production in New Mexico
    Dr. Stephen Hanson (below right)

First Place PosterSecond Place Poster

  • Third place (Four posters tied):
    • Geometric Spreading
      Nishath Ranasinghe, Andrea Gallegos, Dr. Thomas Hearn (below top left)
    • How do the Physicochemical Properties of Nanoparticles Influence their Biological Behavior?
      Eshan Dahal (below top right)
    • Mother-Infant Interactional Patterns Predict Infant Learning
      Gin Morgan, Ashley O'Hearn, Dr. Laura Thompson (below bottom left)
    • Network Analysis of Brain Imaging Data
      Angela Muhanga (below bottom right)

Third Place - 1 of 4Third Place - 2 of 4
Third Place - 3 of 4Third Place - 4 of 4

Posters and Participants

  • A Miniature Spectrometer for the Detection of Organics and Identification of their Mineral Context On Future Missions to Mars and Small Solar System Bodies 
    Nancy Chanover
  • What do we do with 1,000,000 Gb of Images of the Sun?
    James McAteer
  • Apache Point Observatory: Solving the Universes Mysteries Since 1991
    Alaina Bradley, Gretchen Van Deren
  • Lg Attenuation in the Central United States Revealed by the EarthScope Transportable Array
    Andrea Gallegos, Andrea Trujillo, Rajiv Ranasinghe, James Ni, Eric Sandvol
  • Geometric Spreading
    Nishath Ranasinghe, Andrea Gallegos, Thomas Hearn
  • How do the Physicochemical Properties of Nanoparticles Influence their Biological Behavior?
    Eshan Dahal
  • Transesterification of Camelina Palm and Waste Cooking Oil
    Tapaswy Muppaneni
  • Long Term Eddy Covariance Corrections Over Elephant Butte Reservoir
    Jimmy Moreno, A. Salim Bawazir
  • The HyPER Project: Harvesting Hydropower from Low-head Waterways
    Nadipuram Prasad
  • Examination of Race Structure for Verticillium Dahlia Isolates Affecting Chile Pepper Production in New Mexico
    Steve Hanson
  • Screening for Biocontrol Agents for Protection of Chile Peppers Against Phytophthora capsici
    Steve Hanson
  • An Improved Method for DNA Sequence-Based Identidication of Nematodes
    Steve Hanson
  • A Survey for Trypanosaoma Cruzi in Triatomine Bugs in Southeastern NM
    Jane Pierce, H.B. Pierce, P. Monk, D.G. Bendixsen, M. Bauer,D.P. Bendixsen, M. Bauer, S. Rivera, I. Hurwitz, R. Durvasula, S. Hanson
  • Digestibility of Algal Biofuel Co-Product in a Forage Diet
    Melanie Beckman
  • Effect of Corn Oil or Corn Protein Supplementation on Performance and Rumen Fermentation Characteristics of Feedlot Lambs Consuming a 90% Concentrate Diet
    Christopher Shelly
  • Novel Method of Protecting Arginine from Ruminal Degradation Increases Plasma Concentrations of Arginine
    Eric Scholljegerdes N.P. Miller, L.H. Schmiidt, S.L. Lodge. Ivy, CA Loest
  • Researchers' Attitudes About Sharing Biospecimens or Biospecimen Data
    Mai Oushy, Amelie G. Ramirez, Kipling V. Gallion, Hugo Vilchis, Mary A. O.Connell
  • New Mexico State University- Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Partnership
    Helena Loest
  • Mosquito Defense Against Oxidative Stress Associated with Blood Meal 
    Phanidhar Kukutla
  • Paraquat Feeding for Study of Mosquito Defense Capacity Against Oxidative Stress
    Jinjin Jiang, Phanidhar Kukutla, Wanqin Yu, Dong Pei, Jiannong Xu
  • Determining Protein Localization by Fluorescence Lifetime Flow Cytometry
    Kevin Houston, Ali Vaziri Gohar, Ruofan Cao, Wenyan Li, Patrick Jenkins, Jessica P. Houston
  • Event-Related Spectral Perturbations Demonstrate the Impact of Different Styles of Dabetes-Related Medical Literature: A Neuromarketing Study Authors
    James Kroger, James D. Schaffer, Cuoutemoc Luna Nevarez, Elise Sautter
  • Mother-Infant Interactional Patterns Predict Infant Learning 
    Gin Morgan, Ashley E. O.Hearn, Laura A Thompson
  • Computational Design of Materials for Green Chemistry Applications
    Thomas Manz
  • Microwave-Mediated Transesterification of Algal Biomas to Biodiesel
    Prafulla Patil
  • Porous Sn02 Helical Nanotubes and Sheets for Lithium Ion Batterys
    Hongmei Luo, Recipient of the URC Early Career Award
  • Sub Critical Water Extraction of Lipids from Wet Algal Biomass
    Harvind Reddy
  • Border Realities and Hispanic Communities Border Realities in Immigrant Communities
    Maria Gurrola
  • Evaluating the Social Impact of a Milling Station in Rural Tanzania
    Terri Horn
  • An Innovative Approach for Using Concertrate Stream of Desalination Units
    Saed Aghahossein Shirazi, Jalal Rastegory, Abbas Ghassemi, Tracey Fernandez
  • Analysis and Design of Fully Integrated Very Low Quiescent Current LDOs
    Paul Furth
  • Network Analysis of Brain Imaging Data
    Angela Muhanga
  • Scaling Up Mathematics Achievement
    Cathy Kinzer, URC Early Career Award
  • Opportunities for Learning Mathematics 
    Sara Morales
  • Can Clinoptilolite Zeolite Conserve Nitrogen Fertilizer in Agricultural Loamy Sand Soils?
    Aldo Pinon-Villarreal, A. Salim Bawazir, Manoj K. Shukla, Adrian T. Hanson
  • Managed Riparian Zones to Conserve and Improve Water Quality and Improve Habitat
    Juan Solis
  • Using Artificial Neural Network to Investigate Evaporation Losses at Caballo Reservoir
    Dung Tran, A. Salim Bawazir
  • Stability and Estimation in Stochastic Delayed Systems
    Eric Butcher


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