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Biofuels Research

The Fabian Garcia Science Center houses NMSU's algal biofuel production facility, which includes a 4000-liter Solix BioSystems photobioreactor and four smaller algae raceways.

Research at NMU

Two Geological Sciences students making x-ray fluorescence glass beads where rock powders are melted at 2000*C in preparation for major element analyses at NMSU.

Eleventh Annual URC Research and Creative Activities Fair

URC Fair 2011(October 1, 2011)

Posters and Participants
  • Satellite Low Thrust Maneuvers
    Eric Ramesh
  • The SONG Project: Looking Inside Stars and Discovering New Planets
    Jason Jackiewicz
  • It Might Seem Like A Stupid Question, But "Why is the Sun Hot?"
    James McAteer
  • The Effects of Doxycycline on the Fecundity of Anopheles gambiae mosquito
    Destiny Sanchez
  • Atf2 and Midgut Microflora Surveillance in the Malaria Mosquito Anopheles Gambiae
    Monica Baldauf
  • Protocol to Efficiently Deplete Ribosomal RNA for Metatranscriptomic Analysis of Mosquito Gut Microbiome
    Phanidhar Kukutla
  • Core University Research Resources Laboratory
    Peter Cooke
  • Energy Harvesting Aware Constrained Relay Node Placement in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Satyajayant Misra
  • Lissadunio: Open Source Microcontroller Platform for Wireless Applications
    Satyajayant Misra
  • Sexual Satisfaction in the Context of Hooking-Up
    Michael Young, Tina Penhollow, Jesus Perez
  • Barriers to Health Communication: Readability of Chronic Disease Information on Pan American Health Organization U.S.-Mexico Border Office Web Site
    Andrew Vernon
  • Agenda-Setting for Expanded Policy-Driven Change: Research Directions and Implications for Leadership and Practice Development
    Dr. Chuck Kozel, Anne Hubbell, Michael Hatcher, Frank Perez, Sharon Davis
  • Whole Corn and Wet Distillers Grains Substitution in Steam-Flaked Corn Diet Alters Rumen Fermentation and Bacterial Dynamics
    Laura Tracey
  • Calf Age is a Greater Influence on Rumen Bacterial Population Dynamics than Dam Gestational Supplemental Nutrition
    Kaitlyn Norman
  • Triatomine Bugs (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) in Southeastern New Mexico
    Patricia Monk
  • Influence of Tree Size on Susceptibility to Pecan Nut Case Bearer in New Mexico
    Patricia Monk
  • Administrative Tools To Promote A Cancer Health Disparities Research Partnership
    Helena Loest
  • Region 4 Researchers. Attitudes and Perceptions to Participation in a National Virtual Biorepository
    Mai Oushy
  • High Capacity MoO2/Graphite Oxide Composite Anode for Lithium Ion Batteries
    Hongmei Luo
  • Direct Conversation of Algal Biomass to Biodiesel Under Supercritical Methanol and Microwave Irradiation Conditions
    Prafulla Patil
  • Optimization of Low-Cost Transfers to the Earth-Moon L1 and L3 Libration Points using Invariant Manifolds
    Eric Butcher
  • Building an Interdisciplinary Research Agenda in Mathematics Education: A Tale of Three Colleges
    Karin Wiburg
  • Math Snacks
    Karen Trujillo, Karin Wiburg, Barbara Chamberlin, Ted Stanford
  • Scaling Up Mathematics Achievement Scaling Up Mathematics Achievement
    Cathy Kinzer
  • NMSU Learning Games Lab
    Michelle Garza
  • MC2 LIFT : Mathematically Connected Communities-Leadership Institute for Teachers
    Lida Uribe-Florez
  • The Addition of Variable Weight Loads in Warm-Up Has No Effect On Vertical Jump
    Joseph Berning
  • Chile De-Stemming Machine
    Ryan Herbon, Wesley Eaton
  • Raising the Practical Skills of Engineering Students: A Collaborative Innovated Manufacturing Framework
    Delia Valles-Rosales and Edward Pines
  • Growth, lipid accumulation and growth-cycle dependent lipid composition of the marine microalga Nannochloropsis salina
    Peter Lammers, Maheswar Boddu, Nicholas Csakan, Tanner Schaub, Omar Holguin, Wayne Van Voorhies
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