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Biofuels Research

The Fabian Garcia Science Center houses NMSU's algal biofuel production facility, which includes a 4000-liter Solix BioSystems photobioreactor and four smaller algae raceways.

Research at NMU

Two Geological Sciences students making x-ray fluorescence glass beads where rock powders are melted at 2000*C in preparation for major element analyses at NMSU.

2012 Recipients of Interdisciplinary Research Grants

  • Data-Driven Dynamical Systems Approach to Velopharyngeal Dysfunction Modeling
    Young S. Lee (Principal Investigator) Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and
    Youkyung Bae, Communication Disorders
  • Classification of Disturbance Data Generated by Phasor Measurement Units for Better Control and Protection of Power Grid
    Sukumar Brahma (Principal Investigator), Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and
    Huiping Cao, Computer Science
  • Revisiting Mosquito SIT
    Immo H. Hansen (Principal Investigator), Biology, and
    Jacob Uriquidi, Physics
  • Searching for Life in Extreme Environments: A New Mexican Cave as a Solar System Analog
    Nancy Chanover (Principal Investigator), Astronomy;
    David Voelz, Klipsch School of Electrical and Computer Engineering; and
    Nancy McMillan, Geological Sciences
  • Metabolic Engineering as an Approach to Make Alfalfa a 'Dual Purpose' Plant: Biofuel Feedstock and Animal Feed
    Champa Sengupta-Gopalan (Principal Investigator), Plant and Environmental Sciences;
    David Rockstraw, Chemical Engineering;
    Ian Ray, Plant and Environmental Sciences; and
    Tanner Schaub, Center for Animal Health, Food Safety and Bio-Security


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