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Biofuels Research

The Fabian Garcia Science Center houses NMSU's algal biofuel production facility, which includes a 4000-liter Solix BioSystems photobioreactor and four smaller algae raceways.

Research at NMU

Two Geological Sciences students making x-ray fluorescence glass beads where rock powders are melted at 2000*C in preparation for major element analyses at NMSU.

2011 Recipients of Interdisciplinary Research Grants

  • A Wide-Field Interferometric Plasmon-Polariton Nanoscope for in Vivo Biological Imaging
    • Sang-Yeon Cho (PI) Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Immo Hansen (Co-PI) Biology

      Sang-Yeon Cho   Immo Hansen
           Sang-Yeon Cho              Immo H. Hansen

  • Investigation of Bacterial Symbiosis by Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
    • Cynthia G. Zoski (PI) Chemistry and Biochemistry
    • Michele Nishiguchi (Co-PI) Biology

      Cynthia G. Zoski   Michele Nishiguchi
           Cynthia G. Zoski           Michele NIshiguchi

  • Efficient and Intelligent Management of Solar Data by Utilizing High-Performance Computing Infrastructure and Semantic Knowledge for Data-Intensive Retrieval and Exploration
    • Huiping Cao (PI) Computer Science
    • Jason Jackiewicz (Co-PI) Astronomy

      Huiping Cao   Jason Jackiewicz
            Huiping Cao                Jason Jackiewicz

  • Health-consequence Holograms and Web-based Graphic Pathographies: The Effects of ICT Interventions on Individuals' Self-managed Health Care
    • Kelly Tian (PI) Marketing
    • Jim Kroger (Co-PI) Psychology
    • Elise Sautter (Co-PI) Department Head, Marketing

      Kelly Tian   Jim Kroger   Elisa Sautter
               Kelly Tian                      Jim Kroger                    Elise Sautter

  • Breast Cancer: The Role of Progestins in Modulating DNA Replication via the Membrane Progesterone Receptor Alpha
    • Amanda K. Ashley (PI) Center for Animal Health, Food Safety, and Bio Security
    • Ryan L. Ashley (Co-PI) Animal and Range Sciences
    • Jessica P. Houston (Co-PI) Chemical Engineering

      Amanda K. Ashley   Ryan L. Ashley   Jessica Houston
         Amanda K. Ashley              Ryan L. Ashley             Jessica P. Houston

  • Development of a Zeolite-Based Plant Nutrient Delivery System
    • Charalambos Papelis (PI), Civil Engineering
    • A. Salim Bawazir (Co-PI), Civil Engineering
    • Manoj K. Shukla (Co-PI), Plant and Environmental Sciences

      Charalombos Papelis   A. Salim Bawazir   Manoj Shukla
       Charalambos Papelis          A. Salim Bawazir            Manoj Shukla


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